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Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

Concrete Pump

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Max Aggregate Size (mm) 0-20 0-30 0-40 0-40
Mail Oil Pump Discharge(ml/Min) 71 112 112×2 112×2
Theory Capacity(m3) 30 40 60 80
Motor Power 37 45 90 90
Main Oil Tank Diameter/Stoke (mm) Φ80/845 Φ100/1300 Φ125/1650 Φ125/1650
Concrete Tank Diameter/Stoke(mm) Φ140/845 Φ160/1300 Φ200/1650 Φ200/1650
Hydraulic Hose Manuli, Italy Manuli, Italy Manuli, Italy Manuli, Italy
Seal Parker USA Parker USA Parker USA Parker USA
Electric Control System Schneider, France Schneider, France Schneider, France Schneider, France
PLC Brand Omron, Japan Omron, Japan Omron, Japan Omron, Japan
Remote Control Wireless Remote Control
High/low Voltage Conversion No Yes Yes Yes
Valve Group  Huade, China Huade, China Huade, China Huade, China
Pumping Distance Level/Vertical (m) 300/120 400/100 500/130 500/130
Lubrication System Automatic Hydraulic Automatic Hydraulic Automatic Hydraulic Automatic Hydraulic
Discharge Pipe Diameter(mm) Φ100 Φ125 Φ180 Φ180

    Concrete Pumps which are being used to deliver the ready-mix concrete to any point in the jobsite.
    It is most suitable for the houses and commercial buildings above 30 floors small bridges water conservancy power and communication project. 
    Oil pump is driven by diesel engine and produce hydraulic pressure using the hydraulic pressure driving oil cylinder for reciprocating motion the concrete piston suction or delivery action.
    Our  Concrete Pumps are equipped with axle and tires. Thus it can be easily towed and transported to required points. Moreover the concrete delivery pipes can be easily assembled and become ready to deliver concrete.
    The use requirements and matters needing attention:
    1) Before using the machine check the condition of engine oil and coolant to ensure no shortage of oil and coolant in the process of using.
    2) run time note: when start the diesel engine if it has not started within 15 s you should repeat it  after 2 minuts.Diesel engine should be idle running 2-3 min after starting then be normal work.and oil pressure should be higher than 120 kpa in that time.

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