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Screw Conveyer

LSY273 Screw Conveyor

  • Model :LSY273
    Screw diameter(mm): 237
    Conveying distance(m): 1-15
    Screw speed(r/min): 200
    Body diameter(mm): Φ273
    Delivery angle: ≤45°
    Conveyor capacity(t/h): 45
    Motor model :Y160M–4
    Motor Power(kw): 7.5-18.5
Model LSY273
Screw diameter(mm) 237
Conveying distance(m) 1-15
Screw speed(r/min) 200
Body diameter(mm) Φ273
Delivery angle ≤45°
Conveyor capacity(t/h) 45
Motor model Y160M–4
Motor Power(kw) 7.5-18.5

    1.The LSY series screw conveyor is a new type of transport equipment which is mainly used for transporting cement fly ash material in concrete mixing station and other suitable places.
    2.It can also be used in chemical metallurgy granary processing warehousing. can also match with other transport equipment to achieve joint transportation or independent transportation. 

    Feeding inlet discharge outlet motor retarder bearing helical blade closed groove hanging bearing bearing spiraluniversal joint suction flange outer tube connection flange observation window etc.

    1.Adopt high-quality steel pipe with good integral rigidity. 
    2.Adopt optional universal ball joint which facilitates installation adjustment and steering.
    3.With high-quality reducer and heavy-design it has the advantages of large torque low noise no dust leakage long service life.
    4.The design of double pitch for reducing the compress extent of the material in transportation is especially suitable for long-distance transportation of cement and other powder materials.
    5.Large stock for common diameter of 219273and dimension & angle can be customized according to your need.

    When the screw shaft rotating the gravity of the material and the friction force generated by the material and trough wall let the material move forward along the bottom of the conveyor with the thrust of blade. The conveying of material in the middle bearing relies on the forward thrust of hinder material. The screw conveyor promote the material to move forward by the fixed screw’s rotational motion and rectilinear motion.

    1.It is applicable to transport various kinds of loose material such as electrical power granular and small-piece material such as clay powder braize cement sand grain small coal briquette cobble and iron filings etc. 
    2.Screw conveyors is not applicable to transport material which is high viscosity and easy to be curdled. 
    3.The appropriate ambient temperature for screw conveyor is 20℃ to 50℃. The material temperature should be less than 200℃. 

    1.The screw conveyor can not be installed until the dust stuck during transportation or unloading is cleaned.
    2.Material groove center line and screw shaft should have an appropriate coaxial degree.
    3.The junction of each section of the material groove should be connected closely and can not be dislocated. The spacers can be added between the joint and the section the top cover and the material groove to ensure the seal of material groove. Meanwhile the length error of the material groove can be adjusted.
    4. The space between the inner wall of the material groove and the screw should be equal.
    5.The drive device and the screw shaft should have a right coaxial degree. You can adjust the height of the drive device by adding spacer . 
    6.The static equilibrium test should be carried out after the screw is installed.
    7.After the conveyor installed check whether there is any debris in the machine and if the lubrication is enough.

    (1) Lubricate the bearings gears chains and other transmission parts regularly.
    (2)When the box-to-send machine stopped check the abrasion of the spiral blade and repair and weld it when it wears seriously.
    (3)The conveying amount can not be overloaded otherwise the material will not be discharged which may cause the screw shaft bending and box expansion.
    (4) In the operation of the conveyor if the noise is harsh you should open the lid to check it and troubleshoot.
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