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Concrete Block Making Machine

QT4-15 Concrete Block Making Machine

  • Model: QT4-15
    Exciting force (KN): 50
    Vibration frequency(HZ): 0-50
    Power(KW): 10.7
    Forming type:  Semi automatic loading and molding
    Forming cycle (S): 20-25
    Outline dimension: 4388×1660×2100
    Pallet size: 840×500×20
    Normal output: 30000
Model QT4-15 QT6-15 QT8-15 QT10-15 QT12-15
Exciting force (KN) 50 60 80 100 100
Vibration frequency(HZ) 0-50 0-60 0-60 0-60 0-60
Power(KW) 10.7 34.28 40.78 52.28 65.88
Forming type  Semi automatic loading and molding Fully automatic loading and molding Fully automatic loading and molding Fully automatic loading and molding Fully automatic loading and molding
Control type emi-automatic control PLC PLC Semi-automatic control
PLC Semi-automatic control
PLC Semi-automatic control
PLC Semi-automatic control
Forming cycle (S) 20-25 15-20 15-20 15-20 15-20
Outline dimension 4388×1660×2100 7160×2000×2800 7500×2100×3020 7500×2500×3020 8200×2600×3020
Weight (T) 3 7 9 11 12
Pallet size 840×500×20 880×680×20 860×860×20 1220×900×25 1400×950×30
Normal output 30000 85000 115000 140000 175000

    QT4-15 Concrete Block Making Machine is the newest fully automatic block machine .its pressure system become two hydro-cylinder.The lifting speed fast and the pressure function is well.It is fully automatic production lineincluding PLD800 Batching machineJS500 Mixer QT4-15 block machine Stacker machine and so on.
    1.Ingredients: Industrial raw materials like gravel sand cement ash cinder slag stone etc.
    2.Usage of production: concrete building cut solid cut hollow cut paving brick-making.
    3.Application: Widely used in construction roads parks greeningurban construction and so on.

    Production line of automatic cutting

    3. Cement weighing                 
    4.screw convey                 
    5.cement silo                             
    6.Belt conveyor                
    7.Building block forming machine        
    8. Hydraulic station        
    9. PLC operating cabinet     
    10.Palletizer machine

    1. The electrical control system of the QT4-15 Concrete Block Making Machine adopts PLC system, the computer interface operation, can realize random signal analysis, fault diagnosis and parameter setting, guarantee the best working effect of the machine.

    2. Material storage device: using the closed belt conveyor, strict control of the small hopper discharge, so as to send with the use, to prevent the impact of the aftershocks of the concrete in advance of liquefaction, to ensure product quality and product quality.

    3. Force fast and smooth fabric: fabric box stirring fork 360. Rotary motion, so that the fabric is uniform, fast and smooth.To avoid the uneven phenomenon of wet material, product density is good, high quality. Free of material box impact,reduce noise, prolong its service life.

    4. Unique and efficient vibration mode: the latest technology, adjust the speed of the motor to meet and guarantee the vibration of the host in the fabric of different vibration frequency and amplitude, thereby improving the quality of the products shorten the molding cycle.

    5. Reasonable vibration distribution: the demolding cylinder will die locking strong vibration on the bedplate stiffness, reach,Taiwan synchronous vibration, the amplitude distribution, achieved with a smaller deviation of mold intensity.

    6. Body structure is novel, strong: the body uses the high strength steel, the use of advanced welding technology welding manufacturing, manufacturing quality, equipment, durable, strong, stable, reliable.

    7. One machine can adapt to the various specifications of hollow block,solid blocks, paver brick, curbstone etc..

    8. The machine has compact structure, stable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, small area, low investment, high efficiency, suitable for large, medium and small building materials enterprise investment.. 

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