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About 100 years → more than 200 years!New technology makes reinforced concrete live longer

A Japanese company has developed technology to reduce the bubbles in reinforced concrete, which it claims could extend the life of steel concrete that would last about 100 years to more than 200.
When the concrete is poured, air will be mixed with it to form bubbles, resulting in holes on the concrete surface after solidification.In the long years of wind and rain, rain and salt will infiltrate into the concrete from the hole and corrosion of steel reinforcement, resulting in concrete cracks and other problems, affecting the service life.
IHI, a Japanese company, has developed a technology to reduce air bubbles in concrete, the yomiuri shimbun reported Tuesday.The company USES special equipment developed independently to vibrate the concrete before pouring and apply pressure to expel air, reducing the number of holes caused by bubbles by about 70 percent.
Experiments have shown that rainwater, among other things, has slowed the penetration of such concrete, and the company believes the new technology could increase the life of concrete from about 100 years to more than 200 years.The company plans to use the new technology in infrastructure such as tunnel sidewalls, as well as selling the equipment and technology.
According to the report, Japan has built a lot of infrastructure in the past period of rapid economic growth. By 2033, 63 percent of Japan's roads and Bridges and 42 percent of its tunnels will be over 50 years old and face aging infrastructure.New technologies are expected to help address this problem in the future, reducing the cost of maintaining and updating roads, Bridges, tunnels and other infrastructure.
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