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Crazy!Vietnam's cement prices jumped 150% in two months!

In the past two months, a series of cement companies have raised prices from 20,000 dong per ton to 50,000 dong per ton because of rising raw material costs.
Specifically, at the end of September 2019, Cong Thanh cement issued a notice to sellers in central China requesting an increase in the price of all 50kg bags of cement to 30,000 Vietnamese dong/ton (including VAT).From October 1, 2019, Long Son Cement also raised the Cement bag to 50,000 Vietnam dong/ton, including PCB 30 and PCB 40(Long Son, Tam Son).The above price includes VAT.
Vissai cement group also adjusted the selling prices of all packaged and bulk cement products (PCB 30, PCB 40 and PC 40) from 1 November 2019, increasing the price of packaged cement by 50,000 Vietnam dong/ton;20,000 Vietnamese dong/ton of bulk cement.The company also raised the value of cement bags, including PCB 30 and PCB 40, by 20,000 Vietnamese dong (including VAT) per ton.
To ensure production cost and product quality, Duyen Ha cement factory raised only 30,000 Vietnamese dong/ton for all cement products from November 13, 2019. 
Mr. Nguyen kwong cong, President of the Vietnam cement association, Shared his views on the issue. Besides the cement industry, energy and electricity consuming industries are also affected by the rising electricity and gasoline prices.But even as electricity prices continue to rise, building materials cannot rise forever.Because if the price of building materials rises with electricity prices, domestic products cannot compete with imports.
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