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repair and maintenance of the mixing plant(2)

1.3 weekly inspection and maintenance item.
1.3.1 Check and clear the dirt inside and outside the concrete mixer.
1.3.2 Check and adjust the gap between the mixing blades and the lining plate (the best of the lining plate and the blade clearance is between 3-5mm), if larger than 10mm, it must be adjusted.
1.3.3 Check and add lubricating oil to reducer.
1.3.4 Check the gas system,there should be no leakage phenomenon, to add oil to the air compressor, check the safety valve, check the pressure gauge, discharge the water in gas water separator.
1.3.5 To clean up the dust of the metering hopper, discharge valve and butterfly valve
1.3.6 Clean the check valve in additive pipeline.
1.3.7 Check all parts of the electrical system, whether therer is damage, whether the wiring is loose, clear the ash.
1.4  Monthly check items
1.4.1 Check if the anchor bolts is loose, if there is foundation sinking
1.4.2 Check the parts of main body, the belt machine truss connection, screw machine lifting device etc and if the bolt is loose.
1.4.3 Reducer lubricants, the first change of oil is after the initial 300 hours, When change the oil, remove residual oil, after that,replace it once every 3 to 6 months.
1.4.4 Check the sensors, wipe clean with a dry cloth.
1.4.5 Calibrate the scales with standard weights, at least once a month.
1.4.6 Cleaning of waterways, filter in the additive pipeline and the check valve.
1.4.7 Remove the agglomerates or debris from the screw machine.
1.4.8 Check the electrical system and the work condition of computer control system. 
1.5  Annual check item and Overhaul
1.5.1  Conducting a comprehensive inspection for this section 1.1,1.2,1.3,1.4.The other parts should also be carefully examined.The damaged, seriously wear parts should be replaced.
1.5.2 Clean all reducers and replace lubricating oil.
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