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repair and maintenance of the mixing plant(1)

In order to ensure the normal production and prolong the service life of the mixing plant, the maintenance and repair should be carried out in daily times.
1.1 Examine project
1.1.1 check whether there is metal in the mixing drum, the blades, lining board, bolts shall not be loose.
1.1.2 According to the specifications of the mixer, the filling the lubricating oil speed reducer shaft end sealing device.
1.1.3 Check if the air compressor is normal, the gas pressure was maintained at 0.5-0.55MPa, timely eliminate the water of air compressor, the air storage tank and a gas water separator, add lubricating oil to lubricator on time.
1.1.4 Check the water supply system, keep the reservoir full of water, no debris in the reservoir. No Water Leakage in the pipeline and keep it smooth.
1.1.5 Liquid additive system, keep the storage hopper have adequate amount, the operation of the additive pump and the pipeline should be normal.
1.1.6 Check the discharge door, solenoid valve, cylinder work is normal.
1.1.7 Check the insulation of the electrical equipment is in line with safety standards, and to see if it’s ok to connect the zero line.
1.1.8 Check if the stroke switch, signal lamp line work is normal. Lightning protection device line can not be broken, the connect to the ground should be reliable.
1.1.9 Check if the screw conveyor is working normally. 
1.2  Maintenance after work.
1.2.1 Pull down the main power switch (People need to guard it.) ,remove debris from the mixer, rinse with a water gun to clean the inner wall of the mixing tube, stirring device, around the discharge door and other parts of the concrete residue.
1.2.2 Often clean the additive weighing hopper.
1.2.3 In winter,you should left no water and liquid additive in the pipeline.
1.2.4 Release the gas and water in air compressor and gas tank.
1.2.5 Start the cement warehouse dust vibrator, it will adhere to the filter on the cement micro-materials shake off.
1.2.6 Cleaning hopper, cement metering discharge doors
1.2.7 Strictly prevent motor from water and rain.
1.2.8 Add oil to the end of the shaft seal according to the provisions.
1.2.9 Add oil to all Oiling part.
1.2.10 Disconnect the computer power supply after shutdown.
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