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The first 3D printed concrete pavilion at expo dubai 2020 has been unveiled

Expo dubai 2020, with the theme of "communicating ideas, creating the future", will be held in dubai, united Arab emirates, on October 20, 2020 and April 10, 2021.Each world expo will attract a lot of attention from people from all walks of life in the world, especially architects, also want to see the magnificent work of this land of tuhao.
With the unveiling of national pavilions, expo dubai is a celebration of architecture.
Among them, MEAN* (Middle East architecture network) has explicitly participated in expo dubai 2020.The boulevard ring, an 8-meter structure, will be a must-see landmark, open to the public to welcome them to the world expo.
Inspired by the expo 2020 logo and uae palm trees, the architecture firm conceived an "interactive installation to symbolize the spirit of sustainability and innovation".
The project was implemented on site and molded into a transvertible space forest, with super-high performance concrete poured through 3D printing to create a structure similar to a palm tree, and equipped with dendritically distributed LED lights.The circular pavilion, whether on foot or by car, offers a new urban experience.3d-printed palm-branch gaps direct visitors to open Spaces.
MEAN* is an innovative architecture firm dedicated to design and the application of emerging technologies. Founded by Riyad Joucka, MEAN* USES computer programming, robotics, 3D printing, AR, VR and CNC manufacturing to achieve their architectural work.
The project aims to consolidate dubai's position as the 3D capital of the world by creating a concrete structure that is 3d-printed by robots "by reducing the amount of formwork used in the pouring process, as well as providing cleaner construction sites while allowing for greater design complexity, thereby saving material waste.
The project USES expo 2020 as a platform to demonstrate to the world the possibilities of this emerging building technology, which is "an indigenous energy generator that powers itself by absorbing abundant solar energy".These elements produce energy during the day, and at night they flash programmatically, forming patterns.
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