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Environmental standards for concrete mixing plants

Solid waste disposal:
The solid waste in concrete mixing plant is mainly the solid waste and domestic garbage produced by sand and gravel separation.Station should be built garbage pool stacked and unified treatment.The waste generated from production can be proportioned to concrete production according to the actual situation, and the domestic waste should be cleared and transported by the municipal garbage truck.
Wastewater treatment:
The concrete mixing station is equipped with a drainage ditch and a three-stage sedimentation tank at the end of the drainage ditch, and a solid-liquid separation device and a filter press device are equipped to separate the wastes in the well sewage for reuse.After the sedimentation of water recycling, so that the whole production area of wastewater after all the treatment recycling, that is, to meet the environmental discharge standards.。
Noise control:
The noise of concrete mixing station mainly comes from the mixing main machine, air compressor and the vehicles in the station.The noise of the equipment itself can be installed in the closed concrete structure, during the use of the process of strengthening maintenance and maintenance, which extends the service life of the equipment, but also can reduce noise pollution.For the noise produced by vehicles, if the station is built in the residential area, it is necessary to set up partition wall and partition belt according to the actual situation.
Dust control:
The main dust producing places in concrete mixing station are the feeding port and yard of the mixing building and the powder tank.In order to prevent dust overflow, the mixing building is closed.In order to further eliminate dust in the production, add color steel plate for dust surface, use closed dust outlet, will produce dust, control in the closed space.Two external symmetrical water spray pipes are added at the cement feeding port to suppress the dust and prevent the dust from spreading at the source.The sprinkler device is mainly installed on the top of the material yard. When the dust in the material yard is large, the sprinkler can be manually or automatically controlled to suppress the dust. In addition, an automatic high-pressure water curtain can be installed at the entrance of the material yard.Prevent dust overflow.


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