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Requirements for cement in small mixing plants

As the main raw material of small mixing plant, cement is an important factor affecting the quality of concrete.The cement needs to meet the following requirements:
1、The technical properties of small cement mixing station must meet the national standard, especially the homogeneity and stability of the product, the chemical composition, fineness, strength grade of each age, setting time, water demand of standard consistency and other indexes should not fluctuate greatly, especially the strength value should not fluctuate greatly.
2、In the preparation of concrete in a small mixing plant, the water demand is small, the fluidity is good, and the admixture has good adaptability.
3、Not only fineness but also particle size and particle shape should be controlled reasonably during cement grinding.The mixing amount of cement mixture should be scientific and reasonable.Pay attention to the choice of gypsum variety.
4、Special cement should be provided when there are special requirements for small mixing station concrete, and low alkali cement should be provided when there are low alkali requirements.Low heat requirements, to apply low heat hydration cement (such as: medium heat cement, low heat slag silicate water).


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