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Concrete Mixer winter maintenance instructions

Winter maintenance instructions of Mixer
1、starting operation in winter
1)In winter, mixer work site should be equipped with heating device, try to keep at room temperature above 0 ℃, and before going to work must let mixing agitator no-load running for at least 30 minutes.
2)If the ambient temperature is below this standard, a heating blower must be used to add heat to the drive from the outside. 
1)Mixer storage location in a building with moderate heat,  shall have security protection measures, to ensure no mechanical vibration, shaking, dust, moisture proof, no chemical erosion, low temperature limit not less than 30 ° C, and has flat reinforced base of conditions.
2)If mixer must be stored for short time:
Protective measures should be taken, such as covering the wooden ceiling with plastic tarpaulin and covering the plastic and rubber materials with sunscreen;Place the mixer on the flat and reinforced base surface carefully. If necessary, place it on a square sleeper and cover it with plastic or rubber material to prevent sunburn.Before storage, coat the leaking parts of the mixer with anti-rust oil. 
3)If mixer must be stored for a long time:
①Store it in a safe, dry and moderately heated building;
②Clean the inside and outside of the mixer and dry it;
③All bolted joints, joint surfaces and exposed rotary surfaces shall be individually sprayed with anti-rust oil (rubber parts, such as v-belt and rubber seal);
④All bearings, sealing elements, reducers and lubricating components of the mixer shall be thoroughly filled with the specified lubricating grease and lubricating oil of the corresponding brand;
⑤Every 3 months, you must use your hand to turn the rotary part of the v-belt driving part. The hand pump on the hydraulic component should be operated about 5 times;
⑥After 6 months of storage, the reducer should be relubricated;
⑦Electronic components and junction boxes should be made necessary waterproof protection (such as plastic film package), the internal should be placed at the same time bag desiccant.


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