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The solving process of Common Problems During the Use of the Mixer(4)

Repair processing:
1. Check the closing position of the weighing hopper door, 1# stone weighing valve closing door in place signal I5.5, 2# stone weighing valve closing door in place signal I5.6, 1# sand weighing hopper closing door in place signal I6 .0, 2# sand weighing bucket closed door in-position signal I5.7.
2, check the weighing signal output of the instrument, stone 1 rough signal I0.5, stone 1 fine signal I0.6, stone 2 rough signal I1.0, stone 2 fine signal I1.1, sand 1 rough Signal I1.6, sand 1 fine signal I1.7, sand 2 rough signal I1.3, sand 2 fine signal I1.4.3, check the PLC output signal,stoneb-74576fc327d3240c8447efcc.html1 coarse feed signal Q0.0, stone 1 fine feed signal Q0.1, stone 2 coarse feed signal Q0.2, stone 2 fine The material signal Q0.3, the sand 1 is roughly referred to as the feed signal Q0.6, the sand 1 is referred to as the feed signal Q0.7, the sand 2 is referred to as the feed signal Q0.4, and the sand 2 is referred to as the feed signal Q0.5.
4. When there is a signal output to the solenoid valve without feeding, check whether the solenoid valve coil is burnt out or the spool is issued.
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