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Common Problems During the Use of the Mixer(4)

the aggregate weighing bucket does not feed

Failure phenomenon:

In the automatic state, press cycle start or single disk start, one or several aggregates are not weighed.

Cause Analysis:

In the automatic state, the process of aggregate weighing is that the PLC gives the instrument a weighing signal, and the weighing instrument outputs the rough and fine signals to the PLC according to the recipe setting value. After the PLC receives the rough and fine signals, When the unloading door of the aggregate weighing hopper is closed, the signal is output to the solenoid valve of the rough and fine weighing door. After the solenoid valve receives the signal, the fine and rough feeding gates are opened, and the weighing is started. 
When the weight of the aggregate scale reaches the demand of the fine name, the rough signal of the instrument stops outputting, the crude solenoid valve is powered off, and the rough is called the door is closed. When the weight of the aggregate balance reaches the drop value, the meter's fine signal stops outputting, and the solenoid valve is powered off. The door is closed and the weighing is completed. It can be seen from the production process that the factors affecting the weighing include: whether the weighing instrument gives the PLC weighing signal, whether the PLC gives the solenoid valve signal, whether the solenoid valve can normally reverse direction, and so on.

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