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The solving process of Common Problems During the Use of the Mixer(5)

The powder feed is slow
Failure phenomenon:
The feeding of the screw machine is very slow, the feeding time is more than two minutes, and the normal feeding is less than twenty seconds.
Cause Analysis:
The influencing factors are mainly the poor feeding of the powder tank and the damage of the screw conveyor. The manifestations of poor material blanking include powder arching, material agglomeration at the discharge port of the powder tank, too small opening of the butterfly valve, and insufficient material in the powder tank. The damage of the screw conveyor is mainly due to the deformation of the spiral blade, which cannot be normally transported.
1. Open the air blow arch device.
2. Check the opening of the discharge tank valve of the powder tank and keep the disc valve in the fully open position.
3. Check if the material at the outlet of the powder tank is agglomerated.
4. Check if the screw blade is deformed. If it is deformed, remove it for correction or replacement.
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