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Automatic control technology applied to Concrete Batching Plant

Automatic control technology applied to Concrete Batching Plant
The principle of automatic control applies to various industry sectors.Today XinFeng Machinery takes you through the use of automated control system in Concrete Batching Plant.
Since the 1980s,automated control theory has been used in the production of concrete.In recent years,China's construction machinery manufacturers continue to develop new products with higher degree of automation,The quality of concrete mixing has also been greatly improved.
At present,Concrete Batching Plant machinery manufactured by XinFeng Machinery is highly automated, with excellent product quality,material saving,and good environmental performance.
The computer control system of the batching plant is used to automated electronic ingredients,control device.It consists of several parts such as industrial computer,operation console and power distribution cabinet.It can automatically and continuously control the weighing,feeding,stirring and discharging of each part according to the given batching method.Improve the efficiency of concrete production and reduce noise and dust pollution.
The application of the automatic control principle in the Concrete Batching Plant has made the construction industry develop by leaps and bounds.
Whatever in the quality,construction speed,etc. have been greatly improved.More importantly,the labor force has been liberated.The promotion of automated Concrete Batching Plant is a great benefit to urban construction development and innovation of automatic control theory.
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