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How to solve the problem of appropriate height of Cement Silo

How to solve the problem of appropriate height of Cement Silo
Cement Silo's leg height is always calculated by the technicians.According to the position between cement silo and concrete batching machine and host,the length of screw conveyor and the weight of the Cement Silo .In general, the height of cement bins made by the manufacturer is 1.5 meters. Sometimes,the adjustment is made according to the user.
When the user purchases the Cement Silo, we will consult the customer, according to the user's use and Professional technicians with many years experience, provide to customers with the most appropriate advice.
In practice,some customers may reduce the height of the legs in order to save costs. When they are used, they find that the discharge port is very close to the ground. When the screw conveyor conveys bulk materials, the inclination is too large to achieve the intended purpose. Will cause great trouble;In some cases,the legs of cement silos are higher than normal.
This is generally not recommended by the manufacturers, because the cement silo's legs are too high there will be many aspects of the impact, the first is the safety hazard, the legs play to support the role of the entire Cement Silo, too high will reduce the safety factor. There will be troubles in some inspection, for example:cleaning and maintenance.
For the above problems, Xinfeng Machinery manufacturing technicians have given corresponding solutions to the bill:
If the outriggers are too short, it is recommended that the original foundation be cemented in accordance with the height and the actual height of the legs of the Cement Silo. the cement silo legs should be fixed first, and then the cement silo must be welded. In this way, the cement silo legs can be supplemented.
If the cement silo legs are too high, we can cut the legs,but we must ask professional cutting personnel to deal with,otherwise, the legs are not flat, there is a security risk.
I think the above measures can help customers solve the problem of unsuitable cement silo legs. Welcome to visit Zhengzhou XinFeng Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd !
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