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Installation of Main Parts of Concrete Mixing Plant

The Concrete Mixing Plant is mainly composed of five main systems, such as the mixing host, the material weighing system, the material conveying system, the material storage system and the control system, and other ancillary facilities.
(1) Mixing the host equipment: the mixer chassis under the plane properly raised, with the hinge to the legs and the host connection, good equipment, cement scales, water scales, additives scale, you can lift, measure and adjust the host chassis, So that it is horizontal, the center line of each leg and the base center line after the anchor bolt can be cast in the reserved pit (or the base and the embedded parts of the welding).
(2) Some other equipment: the host and the cement warehouse equipment after the end of the device can be screw conveyor, lifting, check the lubrication points to add oil and grease, to carry out empty test, found the problem in time, ingredients Some of the equipment, according to the requirements of the base map in place, small batching machine placed in a solid foundation pier on the plane, large batching machine requires pouring anchor bolts, some of the machinery after the end of the equipment, check all the various equipment Lubrication point is filled with lubricating oil (northeastern winter to replace the appropriate low-temperature conditions of the lubricating oil) or grease, you can according to the instructions and electrical schematic wiring requirements and empty test.
(3) The ground screw bolt of the cement silo is poured into the foundation pit. When adjusting the center line of the cement silo bracket coincident with the base centerline, adjust the upper four flanges at the same level (measurement method: theodolite or diameter 8-10 Of the transparent plastic hose plus colorful water measurement method), you can choose the line of concrete pouring. Reserved pit pouring concrete with the trademark should be higher than the basis of the concrete used in winter construction, in order to shorten the construction period, the concrete should be added early strength antifreeze.
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