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What is the difference between a concrete mixing plant and a mixing building?

Many people think that since the concrete mixing plant and the concrete mixing building are both equipment for producing concrete, there is not much difference between them. At most, they are just one big one small, one tall and one short.What's the difference?Let's have a brief introduction.
First of all, the difference between the concrete mixing plant and the mixing building system: there are five systems in the mixing plant, such as the material supply system, the metering system, the mixing system and the electrical control system.The mixing building is relatively simple.
Secondly, the bone silo of the mixing building is above, and the aggregate is directly put into the mixer after being measured.And the bone bin of the mixing plant is below. After the aggregate is measured, it needs to be transported by the inclined belt before entering the mixer.Generally speaking, the one that is raised once is called the building, and the second one is called the plant. Because the aggregate silo is above, the steel structure will be larger and the diagonal belt will be relatively longer. But in terms of productivity, the productivity of the mixing building is about one-fifth higher than that of the mixing plant.
Finally, due to the small production capacity of the mixing plant, the structure is easy to disassemble and assemble, and it can form a container transfer place, which is suitable for the construction site. The mixing building is large in volume and high in productivity, and can only be used as a fixed stirring device, suitable for large-scale hydraulic engineering or Supply of commercial concrete with a large output.
Therefore, when distinguishing concrete mixing plants and concrete mixing buildings, customers choose the right equipment from the aspects of aggregate lifting times and production efficiency.

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