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Electrical system requirements for concrete mixing plants

Concrete mixing station must ensure that the electrical system can keep up with the work process, so the electrical system performance requirements are also very high, what are the specific requirements, we will introduce.
1. During the production of concrete mixing station, it is required that the entire work flow of the electrical control system can be automatically controlled, that is, the management personnel on the production site of the concrete mixing station can complete the whole process without too much work.
2. The electrical control system in the concrete mixing station weighing system is equipped with zero output, can automatically take off the tare, correct the drop, for the single weight of a single material weighing should have button function, can more effectively control the measurement accuracy, and there should be a light alarm device;
3. 3. It is required that the electrical control system can realize convenient input and operation, and can accurately adjust and modify the set value of each material;The electrical control system must have perfect self-locking and interlocking functions to ensure the accurate and reliable operation of the system. For common faults, the electrical control system must have fault detection and alarm functions.
4. Concrete mixing station sometimes needs to work at night, so there will be lighting, lighting is of course part of the electrical control system, so the electrical control system to ensure the flexible control of lighting.
The performance of the electrical control system in the concrete mixing station can reach the above points, which indicates that the performance is very good.


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