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Does the water-cement ratio affect the strength of the concrete?

Water-cement ratio refers to the ratio of the amount of water in cement concrete to the amount of cement. In the unit concrete mix, after the ratio of the aggregate is determined, which means when the amount of the cement slurry is a fixed value, the water-cement ratio determines the consistency of the cement slurry.
When the water ash is relatively small, the cement slurry becomes thicker, and the fluidity of the concrete mixture also becomes less.
When the water-cement ratio is less than a certain limit value, Under certain construction methods, it is not guaranteed that the cement is of good viscosity.
When the water-cement ratio is greater than a certain limit, Severe penetration can occur.the cement slurry becomes relatively dilute, the cohesive property and water-retaining property are deteriorated.
Since the change of water-cement ratio will directly affect the strength of cement concrete, in practical projects, in order to increase the fluidity of the mixture, the water-cement ratio must be kept constant while increasing the amount of cement, otherwise it will  significantly reduce the quality of concrete, The fluidity of concrete mixtures cannot be regulated by simply changing the amount of water used.
In the normal range of use, when the amount of water in the concrete is constant, if the water-cement ratio changes in a small range, the fluidity of the concrete mixture will be little effected.


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