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How to identify the quality of concrete mixing plant

Concrete mixing Plant is widely used in the foundational construction , How to identify the quality of concrete mixing plant,here are some tips .
1 If the gravity mixing drum concrete mixer considers that the diameter of the radial running out of the unloading ring shall not exceed 1% of the diameter of the inlet, then the vibration screen and the vibration screen mixer with reasonable size and quality shall check the installation accuracy of the vibration screen and the sieve screen.
2 The drive system should operate flexibly without abnormal noise.
3 Belt conveyor, bucket elevator and cantilever pull shovel drive smooth, flexible operation, brake adjustable, no abnormal noise, no chain card.
4 It is also important to check the sensitivity and accuracy of the measurement system.
5 be careful to lower the temperature of the hoist to the temperature shown on the certificate.
6 The metering hopper feeds smoothly, No accumulation or over - flow phenomenon.
7 safety valve leakage shall not occur .
8 it is important to have qualified cement tank.


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