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The solving process of Common Problems During the Use of the Mixer(12)

After the powder scale is accurately measured, the meter reading is gradually decreasing.
Fault phenomenon:
In the automatic production process, the material in the powder measuring bucket is gradually smaller and smaller.
Cause Analysis:
Mainly caused by the unsatisfactory sealing of the pneumatic butterfly valve. The factors that the pneumatic butterfly valve is not tight are: the position of the limit screw is not suitable when the pneumatic butterfly valve is assembled, so that the butterfly valve itself is not closed, and the material at the outlet of the butterfly valve is stuck, which will also cause the pneumatic butterfly valve to be closed.
1. First disassemble the red hose connected with the pneumatic butterfly valve to check if any material sticks to the butterfly valve. If there is, use the steel brush to clean the material when the butterfly valve is open.
2. Check if the position of the limit top wire of the butterfly valve is appropriate. The opening of the butterfly valve can be restricted by adjusting the top wire.
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