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The solving process of Common Problems During the Use of the Conxrete Batching Plant(6)

Repair processing:
(1) Adjusting the tensioning mechanism method
When the tape is running, if it is offset to the same side under no-load and heavy-load conditions, it means that the tightness on both sides of the tape is different, then it can be adjusted in the direction shown in Figure A; if the tape runs away from the left and there is no fixed direction , the tape is loose, and the tensioning mechanism should be adjusted.
(2) Adjusting the drum method
If the tape is deflected at the drum, the drum is under-mounted, the drum is tilted axially, or one end of the drum is at the front end. At this time, the level and parallelism of the drum should be corrected.
(3) Adjusting the roller bracket (or frame) method
If the tape is always offset to one side when it is empty, the roller holder on the offset side should be moved forward by 1-2 cm in the direction of the tape running (see Figure B), or the other side of the roller holder (or frame) ) Appropriately raises.
(4) Clearing the stick method
If the roller and the roller are partially adhered to the material, the diameter of the roller will be increased, resulting in an increase in the tension of the tape at the place, thereby causing a deviation. The adhered material should be cleaned in time.
(5) Adjusting the gravity method
If the tape does not run off when it is empty, and always shifts to one side when it is heavy, it indicates that the tape has been eccentric. The position of the hopper or the belt conveyor should be adjusted so that the tape is loaded to prevent deviation.
(6) Adjusting the tape method
If the edges of the tape are severely worn or the seams of the tape are not parallel, the tension on both sides of the tape will be inconsistent. The tape should be reworked or replaced.
(7) Installation of the deflection roller method
If several sets of self-aligning rollers (flat rolls or grooved rolls) are installed on the conveyor, the deviation of the tape can be automatically corrected. For example, when the tape is deflected and rubbed on one side of the small stop roller, the bracket on the side should be moved forward in the running direction of the tape, and the other side will move backwards relatively, and the tape will move backwards. Move the roller side until it returns to the normal position.
(8) Installation limit roller method
If the tape is always offset to one side, the limit vertical roller can be installed on the rack on the side of the deviation; thus, on the one hand, the tape can be forcibly reset, and on the other hand, the vertical roller can reduce the tension of the offset side tape, so that The tape moves to the other side.
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