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How to improve the production efficiency of concrete mixing plant?

Feeding time, stirring time and discharging time are the three time nodes to influence the production efficiency of the concrete mixing plant.
First of all, during the using of process, we need to check the butterfly valve and related electrical components regularly to ensure the normal operation of the body, the normal connection between the mixer and the powder hopper and the assurance of the normal feeding time.
Secondly, we should check the integrity of the blade liner which inside of the mixing machine , the location of raw materials and the time to feed. We also need to check whether there is a clash phenomenon to affect the mixing effect and time;
Thirdly, generally we increase the capacity of the hopper or the concrete hopper to reduce the discharging time.
Finally, we should based on the capacity of the commercial concrete station and the transport distance to equip with enough transport vehicles. Thus, it will not affect the progress of the project when we produce too much commercial concrete to transport in time.
Therefore, it is necessary to carry out maintenance and management of concrete station equipment to ensure that they have best working conditions. To check the existence of security risks in time to ensure the safe and efficient work of the commercial concrete station 
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