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Small concrete mixing plant equipment how much material per hour?

There are HZS25, HZS35, HZS50, HZS60, different types of mixing stations, the productivity of each hour is not the same, for example, HZS60 concrete mixing plant, its theoretical productivity is 60m3 / h, but there is a The problem is that all the small mixing station theory of the amount of material and the actual amount of material is much different, resulting in this difference for many reasons, today, xinfeng machinery to give you a small mixer about how much an hour material?
Concrete mixing equipment mainly by the mixing system, material weighing system, material handling system, concrete mixing plant material storage systems and control systems and other five major systems and other ancillary facilities. For the equipment itself, to improve the concrete mixing station per hour of the main material is to control the material feeding time, the material discharge time, the mixing time of the material, the discharge time of concrete and mixing truck access time , Of course, the number of concrete mixing truck to be sufficient. Xinfeng Construction Machinery is to do the program and graphic design should pay attention to leave enough vehicles driving space. The general situation of the concrete mixing plant equipment only one direction into and out of the mixer. And in order to shorten the time into the car into the car, need to use two-way mixing truck. That is, a mixer drove away at the same time another mixer into, so that can greatly reduce the time due to the mixer into and out, resulting in low efficiency of concrete production. Of course, the production scheduling requirements are relatively high, frequent access to vehicles, scheduling to be timely and accurate. In addition, real-time diagnosis and correction of the problems in the production process of small-scale commercial concrete mixing plant are carried out, and the whole process is completed in unmanned state, and the production cost of commercial concrete mixing plant is reduced and the production process is reduced. Interference, to ensure that the commercial concrete mixing plant production efficiency and product quality to maximize.
Finally, because the entire mixing station to produce concrete have to go through the material - weighing - transport - lifting - mixing - unloading - loading - transport and several other processes. Therefore, there may be a waiting time for each process, so it will affect the overall production efficiency of the concrete mixing plant, especially the skilled operators of small mixing stations, the impact on the productivity of the mixing plant is the largest. Xinfeng hope that the majority of users can recognize their own problems, as far as possible so that these effects to a minimum, if the operation encountered other problems at any time to consult us, our technical staff will be the first time to give you a reply!
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