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Large concrete mixing plant hzs180 / hzs120 advantages

HZS180 concrete mixing plant is between the first-order mixing plant and second-stage mixing plant between the mixing equipment. It has both the advantages of mixing station investment, small footprint, and the high productivity of the mixing plant, the high reliability of the work.
    HZS180 concrete mixing station theoretical productivity 180m / h, mixer model JS3000, stirring the host power of 110KW, the whole set of equipment, the total power of 200KW, batching machine for the four grid, the batching capacity of 240m3, cement weighing range and accuracy (0 ~ 1500) ± 1% kg, admixture weighing range and accuracy (0 ~ 50) ± 1% kg, discharge height of 4 meters, with the spiral pump can be transported to a higher height. HZS180 station contains two rows of cement silos and a series of screw conveyors, controlled by a computer control room side of the entire concrete mixing plant operations. At the same time to the two concrete truck transport mixing material. The same use of the latest design ideas of electronic weighing, computer control, digital display and other control technology, electronic weighing are buffering devices and automatic compensation function, high precision measurement. Gravel feeding system with large width of the word belt feeding, you can set the needs of people on the walkway, many advantages to HZS Series 180 mixing station to become a commodity concrete mixing plant business, the majority of the construction unit for the most high-quality mixed concrete mixing equipment Ideal choice.
HZS120 mixing station features:
1. Excellent mixing performance
Mixing host with double horizontal shaft forced mixer. Stirring performance, stirring evenly, quickly, high productivity. For a variety of concrete mix can achieve a good mixing effect.
2. High reliability
All components of the control system are imported components, greatly increasing system stability, reducing the failure rate of the equipment.
3. Unique non-stick shaft technology
The unique design and distribution of parts and actions such as the stirring arm, the stirring blade, the material feeding point position, the material feeding order and so on solve the problem of concrete sticking axis and reduce the labor intensity.
4. Accurate measurement accuracy
Using the computer plus instrument control mode, the calculation speed, short response time; with the patented technology Jue feed and automatic deduction function, so that the measurement accuracy in the dynamic to meet and exceed the national measurement standards.
5. Durable service life
The liner and the mixing blade are specially treated, and the unique shaft end support and seal form greatly improves the service life of the main unit.
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