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Small simple concrete mixing station project configuration and advantages

Core Tip: Small simple concrete mixing station advantages: use on a number of projects in terms of donors, large commercial concrete station expended energy and resources is more than the comparison, the pre-funded a small simple concrete ready-mixed concrete suppliers station is still the most cost-effective.

Zhengzhou XinFengMachine as machinery has over ten years experience in the production of construction machinery manufacturer, has established a number of sets of large commercial concrete mixing station and several well-known companies as China Construction Group and its own company, the national high-speed rail, rapid development has made outstanding contribution and consistent access to good quality service evaluation. The company has a sound quality management system, more than ten years of manufacturing experience, the use of specialized machinery manufacturing ERP computer management system, in order to improve business efficiency, relying on scientific and technological progress and quality of integrity, the company has a professional and efficient after-sales service of Kivu, the purchase products are free installation, customer training and technical personnel (company can provide professional providers of concrete skills personnel for customers according to customer requirements).

HZS series of concrete mixing station is the most widely used concrete machinery, concrete mixing stations HZS engineering advanced performance automated control system that combines simulation technology in the field of concrete, intelligent control, automatic control, manual control in one, capable of real-time observation and statistical mixing station, production process and production floor, can be connected to detect sand, stone and water content, concrete slump control, and automatic line for temperature compensation, so as to achieve the purpose of water reduction of sand, which provides remote communication the interface in order to transfer data to each workstation office production process to achieve real-time data to read, easy to manage and height.

Zhengzhou XinFeng produced a series of mixing station has the following characteristics:

(1) mixing console and aggregate HZS lift station using JS750 type twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer, good mixing quality and high efficiency.

(2) Aggregate Batching type using PLD batching machine, measurement accuracy, high production efficiency.

(3) powder, water, additives are used in electronic scales measuring high dosing accuracy.

(4) Water pressure pump system using siphon principle, so that the water flow speed, spray evenly.

(5) electrical control system adopts imported components, reliable performance, can be manual, automatic control, easy to operate

From the current situation, the brainchild of Chinese commercial concrete career development, but in order to truly enter this profession, during the long hard career presumably most insiders can understand. To product concrete profession, that is the first step to establish the first commercial concrete Suppliers concrete station, on a number of projects financed by the use of terms, large commercial concrete station expended energy and resources is more than the comparison, the pre-funded a small simple commodity concrete Suppliers concrete station is still the most cost-effective. A brother may ask: simple and small commercial concrete Suppliers concrete station in the end so what we recommend strengths worth it?

HZS25 / 35 are attributed to small commercial concrete Suppliers concrete station, compare suppliers of such goods Concrete Concrete station and HZS120 / 180, and in some respects the latter did not have the superior performance, but on concrete works mixed concrete supplier in terms of station, HZS25 required to complete the same project 35 ready-mixed concrete, and it is simple structure, easy to move, the user is often in terms of moving the project site, with plenty of recycling performance strengths. That is followed by a small simple commodity concrete Suppliers concrete station cost inexpensive, simple to operate, for the project to save a lot of manpower and financial resources.

Sized concrete mixing station:

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