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Application of Aggregate in Stabilized Soil Mixing Station in Production

 Stabilized soil mixing station
Stabilized soil mixing station in production, the quality of raw materials to determine the quality of the production of stable soil, if you want to produce high quality soil materials must be reasonable with the method of application.
  How to improve the production quality of stable soil? Then we can start from the aggregate care.
It is clear from the control of the amount of cement used in the production and use of aggregates that it is clear that the hardening of the cement is accompanied by the reaction of hydration heat during the production and processing of the stabilized soil using cement. Thus, Temperature control has a great impact, increasing the temperature inside the stabilized soil.
In stable soil applications, cracks in the stable soil layer are mostly caused by this phenomenon of hydration heat. So in view of this phenomenon, how should we start from the aggregate to solve it? We can try to reduce in kilograms per cubic meter of stabilized soil, or adjust appropriately according to production needs, so that the temperature of hydration heat generation can be well reduced, the data show no reduction of one kilogram can be very Good reduction of 1 degree.
The use of stabilized soil mixing station in the production to reduce the amount of cement can be a good way to reduce the stability of soil hydration temperature, reduce the solidification process of solidification cracks.
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