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Concrete mixer cleaning

Concrete mixer maintenance is to restore its technical performance and extend the useful life of an effective means. Improper maintenance will reduce reliability, reduce service life, and even cause mechanical accidents.
1, regular maintenance procedures required by the project maintenance, maintenance operations, such as cleaning, lubrication, fuel and so on.
2, a working cycle of the mixing station host should be cleaned at least once. After the end of the day, the host should be comprehensive mixing station cleaning method is: in the cleaning process, the water and a little stone into the mixing host stirring 5-10 minutes, after cleaning the machine all the materials removed, not Water, accumulation of materials; stop after the flushing pipeline, remove the mixing tank inside and outside the dust and adhesion of concrete. Under normal circumstances, JS1000-type mixing host about 150-180KG of water, other models can host the increase or decrease, but also self-cleaning high-pressure water gun. In the washing host mixing discharge doors, should avoid the accumulation of materials under the formation of foreign material under the hood hopper phenomenon. Mixing process, if the concrete truck is not in place for a long time, should be added to the water mixer for simple cleaning.
3, the concrete mixing station equipment during the normal production period, to regularly check the mixing tube and the mixing shaft on the solidification of concrete, if the condensation should be promptly removed according to the requirements of artificial. It is forbidden to use the sledge hammer to clear the concrete accumulated in the concrete mixer barrel. Only use the chisel to clean it. Before manually cleaning the mixing tube, the power and air must be cut off and the control room should be shut. , It is strictly prohibited to violently struck the mixing shaft, stirring arm and mixing blade.
4, in the cold season, after the completion of the application of water washing mixer drum and water pumps, water tanks, water pipes within the net release, so as to avoid water pumps, water tanks, water pipes and other cold damage.

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