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Concrete mixer abnormal sound processing

Concrete mixer at work will produce sound, different parts have different presentation. But sometimes it is obvious to judge abnormal sound, when these problems arise, the user how to solve it?
1. Mixing cylinder abnormal sound
Mixing cylinder abnormal sound is the stirring tank produces sharp harsh sound, generally due to the blade or end scraper and the tank wall between the foreign body and the tank wall friction caused by noise. The presence of foreign matter will aggravate the friction when stirring, so that the mixing shaft running poor. At this point, need to stop the foreign body out, and then adjust the blade, blade and the tank wall of the gap.
2. Reducer abnormal sound
There are two reasons for abnormal noise in the gear reducer: one is that there is a foreign matter in the gear reducer, which is caused by collision or violent friction; secondly, the bearing is damaged and the noise is aggravated by the friction at the joint.
Concrete mixer in the work process, once a foreign body fall into the reducer will affect the normal work of the reducer, the reducer internal parts of great harm. Serious damage may result in parts or scrap. If there is any foreign matter in the gear unit, it must be dismantled, removed, removed or repaired or replaced.
If the bearing is damaged, the friction increases at the joint, bearing movement will be affected and produce a lot of noise. At this point, the resulting noise is often cyclical, because the bearing is uniform rotation, when the damage to the site will produce noise, so the noise will have a certain frequency. If the bearing is damaged, you need to replace the new bearings.

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