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Precautions for Installation of Concrete Mixing Plant

Concrete Mixing Plant, Concrete Batching Machine a variety of devices, Xinfeng team after-sales group engineers briefly explain common questions

1, due to the concrete mixing plant with the use of the site will certainly require remote transport, so in the device before the whole from the overall view again to see if there is no long-distance transport and the formation of machine screws loose, weld breakage, as well as ventilation Mouth fouling doubt.

2, the device should be carried out by the process, the first host of the mixer device, then the console, followed by the ingredients, conveyor belt, etc., can finally re-install the cement warehouse. The advantage of the process is to be able to machine some of the primary and secondary to do some exactly match, will not form a loss or a mistake.

3, some of the final installation of the cable, which some of the most hours, due to FireWire ground fault will inevitably lead to a trouble, but also to ensure that some of the device when the machine should adhere to dry, and do a good job in all groove protection work, Is also the most important task.

4, the device is completed, do not rush to test machine, and then carefully check it again, the test machine should be hours, then the entire line group test machine.

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