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How To Select Cement Storage Silo

With the rapid development of building industry, more and more concrete mixing plant was built up, so the need for bulk cement storage is increasing quickly. For customer, they want to know how to select the cement  silo when purchase it.
Firstly, select good supplier from several alternative suppliers, the service is key factor among all parts. Good service from supplier will save user much cost and time in the later installation.
Secondly, visiting factory is also important for user, as you can see the actual capacity of the supplier and see the steel silo project , also can feel supplier’s service through face to face talk.
Lastly, check from the following points:
1. Ensure silo anti-corrosion: check if the steel sheet is brushed anticorrosive paint, if the thickness and smoothness is qualified or not.
2. Ensure qualified dust collector: check if the dust collector is stable, if the filter of collector is qualified. Dust collector is very important for the cement silo, as bad dust collector will effect the economic benefits.
3. Ensure perfect welding: check is the welding is qualified and sealed.
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