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What is the control system of a concrete batching plant?

Concrete mixing plant control system is equipped with precise batching machine equipment, you can control a number of independent batching lines, each line can be set according to user requirements, said the focus. In addition to the sensor, the control system is designed to focus on the centralized control of the central control room away from the mixing station.
(1) distributed microcomputer control: this kind of control mode is widely used in the design of early mixing station. The core of the control system is a programmable controller. The upper computer is only used as a management report. With the wide application of commercial concrete, the functional requirements of concrete mixing station become more and more complex.
(2) centralized microcomputer control: the control form of computer control and management functions in a computer, the task is relatively heavy, the synchronization of data and statistics does not report the production process, not any statistical data, the measurement of artificial interference too much. For example: the establishment of the measurement control program, signal amplifier and A/D board accuracy, will affect the measurement accuracy.
(3) centralized dual microcomputer control: this form is to solve the measurement of human interference. The special ingredients and control instruments, production control and management functions on two computers, do not interfere with each other, the production control and report statistics, synchronization, and management of computer production can also be used as a backup machine provides a network interface and a computer.
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