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Roller Mixer - Forced use of concrete production

Buy a concrete mixer, no less than two purposes, one is for their own projects, for example, rural housing, paving. Another use is engineering use, such as the use of large-scale construction, water conservancy projects, high-speed high-speed rail and other projects, or used in commercial concrete mixing plant. So the face of many types of concrete mixing machine, the customer if you just want to buy for their own words, how to choose?
Concrete mixer according to the mixing method points can be divided into drum mixer and forced mixing machine, which forced mixing machine in the concrete mixing station is more common, strong production capacity. The drum mixer is used for small works and for their own use of concrete production.
Recommended roller mixer for the following reasons:
Small size, simple structure, easy to use.
Because the drum mixer is small, the equipment is single and efficient, only two or three people can complete the loading, mixing, control, discharge, movement and other work, saving human resources, reducing the complexity of the work, but also easy to control. If you need to build a long distance or high-level construction, rent a concrete pump, you can carry out construction. In the selection, we recommend the choice of 350 roller mixer, recommended reason is cheap, good production efficiency.
Cheap, easy to transport
Roller Mixer Compared with the mandatory, the mixing quality and mixing cycle although there are disadvantages, but the price and mobility is obvious advantages. JZC series and JZM series overall price is cheaper than the forced mixer, and because of its small weight, can be equipped with wheels for transport, mobility is good. Construction, you only need to remove the wheels can be forced mixing machine must be fixed, installation and removal are very troublesome.
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