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Cement silo selection points summary

Cement silo is the storage of cement equipment, concrete mixing station must be supporting equipment. But how does the cement warehouse choose? We summed up a number of cement warehouse selection points for your reference.
1. Type of choice
The type of cement warehouse more customers in the choice of the cement warehouse according to your specific geographical location to choose a bulk cement warehouse, flake cement warehouse or choose the scene to produce cement warehouse. If the use of location away from the manufacturer far, it is recommended to use flake cement warehouse or on-site production of cement warehouse, can reduce transportation costs, saving investment costs.
2. Model selection
The choice of the cement warehouse model should be based on the amount of storage powder used to measure the number of common cement warehouse models from 30 tons to 300 tons range, the customer can decide according to the actual situation, in short, we must control the production can be smooth get on.
3. The number of choices
If the concrete mixing plant and the cement factory manufacturers far away, then we need more reserves of cement, then this time you need to buy a few cement warehouse, prepared; if close, just look at the use of the situation can be. In addition, if the customer needs to use more than one kind of cement, as well as fly ash, slag, etc., you need to buy a few more cement warehouse.
4. manufacturers of choice
In the choice of cement warehouse, to choose a good reputation of the manufacturers, which is no doubt that the other point is to choose the pre-sale in the sale of good after-sales service, good technology manufacturers, before buying is best to To the manufacturers to conduct field visits, and to require manufacturers to have a regular contract Caixing, if there is a product quality problems can also be found after the manufacturers.
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