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Analysis the Cause of High Temperature of Concrete Mixer

Concrete mixer because of the need for continuous use in the process of stirring will inevitably show some problems, such as the temperature is too high. From the production practice point of view, if the operating plate on the ammeter indicates the current is a continuous increase, the more common reason is: when the equipment work is normal, you need to find the mud spoon head, mud spoon at the moment may be loose , Loose head is the formation of the current cycle of continuous increase in the main reason. Of course, should also check the bottom of the spoon is not something to hinder the spoon rotation.
Mixer protection is very important, the vast number of users must be based on their own needs to protect their own equipment, carved products is our continuous pursuit of product quality, reasonable offer, quality service is sincere cooperation with your conditions , If the current continues to increase, not to recover to the rated current, it may be because the load is too large or the formation of low voltage, attributed to the formation of large amount of feed to adjust the amount of material, attributable to the formation of mechanical load is too large, should be parking The But if formed by the low voltage, is purely external power supply reasons, the active way is to investigate whether the current changes in the current and motor temperature rise.
If the appearance of this appearance, often because of increased size. Ore hardness changes, it may be because the mining surface is different, the formation of ingredients. Present the two conditions, the mixing process will cause a corresponding change.
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