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How to repair concrete mixer parts

What are the general requirements for concrete mixer accessories? For the excellent ladder-type concrete mixer, it is made up of a number of primary parts, such as mixing host, gravel batching equipment, cement bracket, hoist, screw conveyor, etc., these devices can help the mixing chamber For the storage of sand and gravel, the various parts of the performance of their own characteristics, in order to ensure the smooth production, which parts are the usual maintenance needs?
1. Gas seal, drainage, to check the activity sensor is not normal;
2. With the belt machine head to the scraper adjustment, to adjust the belt cleaning device;
3. For the aggregate transport equipment, to check the belt work and interface, to check the operation of the next cylinder and the switch to ensure the smooth production of the situation;
4.To work on the belt roller to check, to check the motor work, to ensure that the temperature is normal;
5.Regularly check the drum drive the oil level, to know the oil level is to ensure that the production can be a normal guarantee;
6. Water pipe valve discharge of the doubt, which is the basis of hydraulic concrete mixer work, to check the pump oil chamber surface, if there is an improper time must be added in time.
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