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The raw materials of concrete mixing plant must be qualified

Concrete mixing plant in the production of different concrete products, the need to use the raw materials are not the same, but no matter what kind of label of concrete products, have a clear product quality requirements. The fundamental factor affecting the quality of concrete products is the purchase of raw materials. Today, we are here to introduce the quality of raw materials, gravel raw materials for the importance of concrete mixing plant.
      According to the laboratory test results of commercial concrete mixing plant, the use of non-compliance raw material products for concrete production, will directly lead to the quality of concrete products can not meet the specifications, if hard applied to the construction project, ranging from affecting the construction of the entire project Process and acceptance, while the direct emergence of a variety of security risks. According to the mechanical finishing of the information, the common non-qualified use of concrete raw materials are the following methods:
     1), a small number of lawless elements in order to profit intentionally shoddy use of low quality gravel raw materials for production; such phenomena in recent years in the various concrete mixing station occurred less and less, and mainly concentrated in some remote mountainous areas or rural areas , Which is directly produced by a small mixer.
      2), in the production of a label of concrete products, due to operational errors, staff negligence, equipment failure caused by the theoretical theory of a concrete and the actual use of different raw materials, resulting in the production of concrete finished products can not be used;
      3), in the production process, due to some sudden situation led to the need for temporary replacement, increase the use of raw materials and warehouse reserves and fail to meet the requirements, a small part of the concrete mixing station will be temporary to charge Good mix of use, resulting in the production of concrete finished products can not reach the specification.
     In any case, as long as the production of concrete raw materials and laboratory requirements do not match, that is, if the use of raw materials, however, these products should not be applied to a variety of construction projects.
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