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Summary of the Construction Methods of Concrete Mixing Plant

In the previous article, pay attention to the concrete mixing plant matters for the majority of concrete mixing plant users made a detailed introduction. Today, the main site of concrete mixing station for the majority of concrete mixing plant users to do the introduction, hope that the majority of concrete mixing plant users help.
The three types of concrete mixing station are mainly divided according to the actual situation, these three forms are vertical concrete mixing station, horizontal concrete mixing plant, mobile concrete mixing plant.
Vertical concrete mixing plant, the material only one upgrade, this type of mixing station equipment has the advantages of high efficiency, small footprint, easy to implement automation, the shortcomings of the complex structure, high manufacturing costs, high installation height. In the large industrial city and material supply base, the appropriate choice of vertical concrete mixing plant Horizontal concrete mixing plant and vertical concrete mixing plant is different: the material needs to be second upgrade, this form of concrete mixing plant equipment advantages Is a simple structure, less investment, building height is small, the disadvantage is that the material needs to be upgraded twice, low efficiency, low degree of automation. In the distance from the material supply base in small and medium-sized cities, suitable for use of horizontal concrete mixing plant
The advantages of mobile concrete mixing stations are compact and easy handling. For some traffic inconvenience, narrow road construction of small and medium-sized projects or maintenance works, suitable for the selection of mobile concrete mixing plant.
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