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Precautions of the dismantling of modular cement silo

Modular cement warehouse, also known as the piece of cement storage and the film piece of cement warehouse, is for the cement warehouse export packing difficulties, the scene of the cylinder difficult, the site transfer difficult design. Different from the ordinary cement warehouse, modular cement warehouse in the installation need special attention.
The size and height of the modular cement silo are relatively long. The length and width of the ordinary lengthened trucks are less than the requirements. They need to be disassembled and transported to the new site. The site is installed on the site. The specific process is as follows:
1. Select the professional technical staff to disassemble it, so that we can effectively avoid the demolition of these large parts of the damage caused by large bulk cement warehouse is relatively large and relatively heavy, the demolition is a certain degree of difficulty, so before the demolition we must check all the tools to eliminate security risks, and in the demolition of the bulk of the cement warehouse around do not have too many people.
2. When there is a certain step in the demolition, in accordance with the dust collector → silo → silo bottom support base in order to remove the steel warehouse
① removal of steel warehouse, steel plate library is not so easy to remove, need to hoisting, before the lifting of the user must check whether the link is reliable after the wire in the steel warehouse, steel plate hanging ears on the bolt straight, Be sure to calculate the distance between the crane and the steel warehouse, the steel plate and the height of the lifting; after lifting the screw can be screwed up and down.
② the removal of the precipitator is relatively simple, as long as the screw nut removed, the welding parts can be removed.
③ the final can be bulk cement warehouse steel warehouse, steel plate base support base demolition.
3. To reduce the damage to the flaky cement filling parts during transport, remove some of the necessary packing of the core parts after disassembly to prevent damage to the core parts during transport.
Only to master the correct demolition method, in order to ensure the combination of cement warehouse safe and sound transport to the next production site, does not affect the re-use.
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