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Maintenance of Gas Road System in Concrete Mixing Plant

1. Gas passage and triple body
Ventilation tube and adapter to adhere to  strong, to avoid discounts, action and other prism-like objects conflict, when the leak to immediately repair.
Triad of gas through the order of the filter - pressure reducing valve - oil mist, the filter when the filter is full of timely discharge, oil mist in the lubricating oil used up when the timely increase.
Tim time to add oil in the absence of pressure under the state, before the operation to sort out the surrounding dust and other debris, to avoid entering the oil mist. Can be used viscosity of 2.5-7 degrees of oil or industrial 40 # oil.
2.Solenoid valve and cylinder
Solenoid valve device to be strong, should be around the protective device to avoid damage to the shell and wiring, the exhaust port to be equipped with muffler plug, to avoid dust into the valve body, plug the spool; when the solenoid valve and cylinder together Perhaps the solenoid valve operation was a sensation, the valve body and the cylinder above the fasteners must be shock-proof.
Cylinder on the one hand the needs of the operation in the rules of the pressure outside, the device orientation should be appropriate, so fastening and convergence of the screws to regularly check whether the loose.
3.Air compressor maintenance
The oil level in the crankshaft tank of the air compressor should be viewed above the minimum oil level symbol line, and the oil level and the quality of the oil are checked every half month or on a regular basis. If there is an increase in demand, it may be replaced. In the summer, Winter with 13 taper oil.
The air compressor should be placed in a smooth, clean place and should not be operated locally in a moist, turbid and dusty area. Put the oil and water in the airbag every two shifts, check the sensitivity of the safety valve every 3 months, work 250 hours to clean the silencer once, 500 hours to replace the oil.
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