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How to maintain the concrete mixing plant production line

To provide users with effective service, is the tendency of our work and the value of the judge, the success of the user is the achievements of our own. Concrete mixer equipment in the production time, the need for regular maintenance can be, Zhengzhou Xinfeng machinery experts to give you a detailed description of how the concrete mixing plant production line maintenance?
1, the installation of the limit roller method: If the tape to the side of the total deviation, can be installed in the side of the rack on the installation of vertical limit roller; this, on the one hand the tape can be forced forced reset, on the other hand vertical roller reduce the tension of the side of the tape, so that the tape to move to the other side.
2, the above factors are considered in place, and do a good job market research, and we can summarize the above factors based on the choice of equipment, the first choice of equipment after the manufacturers to screen, and finally in a few suitable manufacturers The middle than the price, if we give priority to the price of concrete mixer, that fall into the temptation of low prices in the manufacturers, or in the high price to buy with the equipment is not appropriate, so that the choice of concrete mixer equipment should only buy on the do not buy expensive And can not seek small cheap, the above by Zhengzhou Xinfeng mechanical professional concrete mixer equipment manufacturers to provide you with my manufacturers specializing in various types of concrete mixer and a variety of ancillary equipment, the majority of investors are welcome to my manufacturers Equipment to visit the purchase, more relevant knowledge please continue to pay attention to our website.
3, twist open blockage, check the shaft end seal, make the necessary adjustments to repair and replace.
4, on-site inspection, should be fixed hopper, cut off the power, into the hopper, the outside should be guarded.
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