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Does the cement silo need to be cleaned up?

The cement silo acts as a storage and transportation of bulk cement in the equipment of the concrete mixing plant, and is used for a long time to clean the demand. However, because of the characteristics of the cement, the conventional method of washing can not be used for cement cans.
The appearance of the general cement can clean the use of clean water on the line, but the internal cleaning on the demand for special treatment; some people say that the use of cleaning agents clean, this approach is not desirable, from the intention of finishing the concrete tank is to sort out because the climate And other factors caused by the cement warehouse cement agglomeration and agglomeration, the easiest way is to manually enter the silo with a hammer or shovel to cohesion hammer or shovel on the line, there is no need for the whole with the same new The
In addition to the need for clean local cement warehouse out of the dust collector, dust filter or canvas bag needs clean or replace, broken arch equipment also need to be clean, convenient concrete mixing station cement warehouse into the air.
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