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Safe operation of Concrete mixing station

1. To prevent the non-professionals to operate the machine and to protect the device. The operator should be diligence and severe operation according to the operation procedures. If there are some problems occur when the mixing plant is in the construction process , it needs to immediately parking and to stop the equipment  operator unauthorized work.
2. No one can change the concrete mixing station electrical equipment or control lines and no one can change the set value and the standard of the electrical equipment either.
3. Site distribution and safety protection shall comply with the relevant national power supply safety standards. Power equipment is strictly follow the rules to zero or ground to prevent the occurrence of electric shock.
4.In the concrete mixing plant work process, it needs to prevent person to get into the mixing tank! Stop the staff hands into the screw conveyor. To stop the staff stand on the belt to prevent casualties.
5. If the repair needs, it should be disconnected from the power and hang "someone to work to stop closing!" , and find people to take care to prevent accidental closing. Repair workers should be equipped with the corresponding labor protection supplies.
6.During the concrete mixing plant work process, it should not freely press the emergency stop button. If there occur the unexpected events, it is necessary to immediately press the emergency stop button. When stop to repair, it is necessary to disconnect the total power supply, and arrange a personal guard to prevent the incident.
7.Every time before initiating the equipment, it should be bell three times before they can initiate the equipment. Anyone who has heard the bell is supposed to be away from the host, belt conveyor, finished hopper to prevent accidents. People should not stand under the  host, belt conveyor and the finished hopper.
8.The pellet hopper vibrator to stop the work or a long time also vibration. During the work process of the machine, do not let the pellets and so on In the working area to prevent the work parts from being jammed. Shutdown before the host should be no material, to prevent the launch with a load to damage the machine.
9.To ensure the accuracy of measurement. It should be a serious guarantee of the size of various raw materials.
10.Belt scale area of the conveyor belt directly under the wind in the following four, or should use the wind prevent approach.
11.The concrete mixing station to the side of the hopper to feed the material, prohibited from the hopper and then open the material door, but not allowed to install
Full hopper for a long time to prevent the impact of the material.
12.Concrete mixing plant equipment should be shut down after the power outage and lock the door.
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