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How to maintain the mixing blade of mixers

The concrete mixer blades are intertwined with the mixing cylinders in the concrete mixers to achieve a good mixing effect. After stirring blade wear most obvious impact is the use of life significantly reduced, which would lead to mixing of materials is not complete, resulting in the accumulation of more and more I expected, more agitation to form outside the warehouse to take the gray and so on.
The main reason for the formation of the mixer blade damage are:1, due to the mixing process, the mixer's high-speed operation of the mixing blade must be constantly stirring the material, so easy to make its appearance adhesion of various materials, and then from time to time somersault, The appearance of the mixing blade will inevitably increase the wear. 2, the mixer in the use of a period of time, tighten the mixing blade of the bolt will gradually loose, this will lead to changes in the leaves directly lead to improper mixing angle will naturally lead to wear problems.
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