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The use of concrete mixing plant

The level of mechanization of concrete mixing plant is very high, but also in China's bridges and hydropower projects have great dedication, is the current stage and the future of the establishment of the main force of the main raw materials, the development of the village , The establishment of the foundation equipment, the progress of people's level of life and death, and thus the investment in concrete mixing station more and more users, concrete mixing station plays an indelible role in promoting. Understand the usefulness of the mixing station, then we talk about the classification of concrete mixing plant:
1, according to its different structure, can be divided into mobile mixing station and fixed mixing floor. Construction site for the use of mobile mixing station.
2, according to their different ways, can be divided into two types of periodic and continuous. The periodic feed and discharge system is cycled by a certain cycle. Continuous feed and discharge are continuous stop. The current widespread use of the cycle.
3, according to its different layout process, can be divided into single and double order two types.
Single-stage sand, stone, cement and other materials to a rooftop silo, a variety of materials according to the process by weighing, ingredients, mixing, know made of concrete mixing material loading Sinotrans. Mixing floor from top to bottom dividend material warehouse layer, weighing layer, stirring layer and the bottom layer. Single-stage process is reasonable, high consumption rate, but the request factory high, so the investment is large, ordinary mixing station to use this way.
Two-stage material storage silos and mixing equipment are roughly at the same level. Aggregate is raised to the silo, stored in the silo to stop the cumulative weighing and weighing, and then use the lifting bucket or belt conveyor to the mixer to stop mixing. As the material needs to be raised twice, the consumption rate is low, but can make the whole set of equipment to reduce the height, disassembly and lunch, and reduce investment, ordinary mixing station to use this approach.
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