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How to Choose the Right Type and Model of Concrete Mixer

From the beginning to the present, with the development of the construction industry, concrete mixer is also continuous progress, which also appeared different series of different types of concrete mixers. Then for the variety of diversified, diverse models of concrete mixer, how do we choose suitable for our own models of concrete mixer? Xinfeng Construction Machinery can introduce them for everyone :
1,The first thing to be confirmed is the difference between the mixer material, some are dry powder, some are liquid and some are solid-liquid mixture. Therefore, as long as we affirm the difference between the material, we can narrow the scope of application.
2, According to the construction of the project, for the large amount and long duration of the concrete industry, we try to choose a large concrete mixer, such as JS1000 concrete mixer. As for a small amount of engineering and construction industry, we recommend to choose JS500 and JS750, because they are high efficiency and cost-effective.
3,The discharge capacity. Production capacity of 50 cubic meters / h above the large and medium-sized commercial concrete mixing plant, should use the material capacity of more than 1 cubic meter of the mixer will be more economical.
4,Aggregate maximum particle size. Transportation and Watering Methods for Concrete A variety of concrete conveying and watering equipment have certain requirements for the properties of concrete. These requirements should be met when selecting the mixer.
5, Concrete varieties and slump. The pulverizer is suitable for the production of ordinary concrete and is not suitable for the production  of dry concrete and lightweight aggregate concrete. Vortex-type mixer for dry hard concrete and lightweight aggregate concrete production and is not suitable for the production of large flow of concrete. Horizontal shaft mixer can produce the above-mentioned various concrete, a wide range of applications. Requirements of commercial concrete production as much as possible to simplify the variety, easy to manage and give full play to equipment capacity. If you need to produce more varieties of concrete, it is necessary to properly increase the number of mixer.
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