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Considerations of Concrete Mixing Plant Location Selection

Familiar with the construction site line is generally regarded as one of the most important aspects of construction. The concrete transport distance directly affects the quality of concrete, so the construction of concrete mixing station must be both considerated. Confirm the location of the construction site must be familiar with the traffic through the geographical traffic conditions, according to the construction drawings to confirm the distribution of concrete in order to facilitate the location of the condensate mixer.
Understand and master the basic elements of mixing plant construction
Mixing station construction must take into account the water, electricity and land area and other basic factors. Water is the most basic production elements of the production of agitated concrete, no water source area should not consider the establishment of a station, a water source area must be extracted in advance to the test station for water quality inspection. Electricity is the most important factor in the production of agitated concrete, familiar with the environment should be considered close to the local electricity can be connected to the site. 200,000 cubic meters and above production capacity of the mixing station covers an area of ​​about 20,000 square meters and above, the main consideration are: production areas, storage warehouse, test area, distribution and standby power supply library, cleaning and purification area, life Area, green belt, circular transport channel.
Familiar with the construction site surrounding environment
Concrete mixing station is a mechanized construction of a higher processing base, dust, noise and other pollution is more serious, the site should try to avoid living groups, schools, breeding base and other personnel, livestock more concentrated areas, as far as possible external factors To the minimum.
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