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The batching machine of concrete batching plant

With the improvement of social development and user’s needs, concrete mixing plant equipment is also continue to improve. But for the concrete mixing plant equipment, batching work is an important work. Because the ingredients usually determine the quality of the project and other issues. So what matters that the batching work of concrete mixing plant should pay attention to ?
Calibration of Batching Unit for Concrete Mixing Plant. In the course of the use of ingredients should pay attention to the calibration work. For the same batching machine, different specifications of the aggregate and discharge door opening has a different calibration coefficient. Therefore, it is necessary to recalibrate the calibration factor corresponding to the batching machine when replacing the aggregate size and adjusting the discharge door opening. Especially in the use of the beginning, should pay more attention to the calibration of the work of the machine.
Batching units of concrete mixing plant equipment should always keep the batching machine in the aggregate specifications. Aggregate specifications of the aggregate will not only affect the fluctuations in the mixture gradation, but also seriously affect the performance of the mixture. So we should  strictly strengthened pile management to prevent the occurrence of mixed, and at the same time, the loader hand need to carefully operate to prevent the occurrence of mixed positions.
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