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Installation of Commercial Concrete Mixing Plant

Installation of Concrete Mixing Plant The production and equipment of the concrete mixing plant is an immeasurable and professional project. Therefore, when the equipment is installed in the concrete mixing station, it is necessary to grasp the key points and carry out the experience of the professional technician. Equipment can be. Today, Zhengzhou xinfeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. technicians on the main parts of the concrete mixing plant equipment for our experience, see below.
Concrete mixing plant
First, the safety of concrete mixing station host. Equipment must be in a smooth local, and the bottom of the mixer as much as possible under the pad, and then use the chain to connect the legs and the host, the equipment is good cement, water scale, additive scale in the future, you can lift.
Second, the concrete mixing plant cement warehouse equipment. Cement warehouse in the equipment to the bottom of the pit to be set aside, the pit laying concrete with the basis of the use of concrete should be higher than the base of concrete, 5-6 days after the base of concrete condensate before the cement warehouse, cement warehouse Equipment, the need to use the theodolite on the cement warehouse for vertical measurement, the vertical degree of one thousandth of the height.
Third, the concrete mixing station of some other equipment. In the concrete mixer and cement warehouse equipment after the end of the need for screw conveyor, batching machine equipment, in the process of the screw conveyor equipment, must be carried out on the lubrication point of oil and grease and empty work. In the concrete batching machine equipment need to find a reasonable placement. And pour the ground screw. And then pay attention to filling oil at the end.
Concrete mixing plant installation problems above is the main parts of the concrete mixing plant equipment matters, of course, need to pay attention to a lot of things, not listed here, and if there is any technical questions can call our website hotline The Waiting for collaboration
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